Siya is a multimedia journalist interested in process...
Photo by Kevin 
Siya is a multimedia journalist interested in process ecologies and visual poetics.
The camera is enabling her to pursue the curiosity about people and places. She is gradually developing the skills to create compositions and worked on a variety of techniques.

Surrounded by photographers growing up, her dad was a huge influence on her photographic sense, as well as the next-door neighbour who was a professional photographer. His black and white aesthetics helped her recreate childhood memories of ballet and family portraits. 

After doing a research on indigenous representations, Siya got impressed by the work of Martin Chambi. His approach towards showing people in their natural environments and all the effort behind it, made her have that same assurance to depict moments with a particular way of seeing.

Member of Fédération Professionnelle des Journalistes du Québec
Graduate Diploma in Visual Journalism, Concordia University

This is the portfolio of my recent projects in visual journalism and multimedia.
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